Make Your Own (MYO) Gift

At The Mohraj, we empower you with the freedom to choose and personalize a gift order for your loved ones. It’s a straightforward process, and here’s how you can do it:

1. Choose the box in which you’d like us to arrange other products.
2. Select the additional products you’d like to include in the box.
3. If desired, add the extra service of Gift Wrap.
4. Include a heartfelt message you’d like to send along with your gift.

Once you’ve made these selections, simply send us an email at Please include your chosen products, your name, city, country, and contact number in the email.

Our “Make Your Own (MYO) Gift” service is a prepaid option that we offer. You can conveniently make payments using your debit or credit card, through NEFT, or various other methods by scanning a QR code. For our international clients, you have the option to make payments securely via PayPal.